About the IAP

The Internship in Architecture Program is the domestic stream to registration as an Architect in Canada, as established by the Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities (CALA). Its objectives include:

  1. To define and document areas of architectural practice in which professional knowledge and skills must be gained in a structured, supervised and mentored environment;
  2. To provide a uniform system for documentation and periodic assessment of internship activities;
  3. To provide feedback and guidance to the Intern architect; and
  4. To involve the members of the profession in the development and training of future members.

An Intern Architect, once accepted into the IAP, works towards completing the post-graduate requirements (continuing education, experience and examinations) in order to become registered as an Architect in British Columbia.


ROAD MAP TO REGISTRATION: Becoming an Architect AIBC via Intern Architect Program (IAP)
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Requirements Overview

In British Columbia, an intern architect must complete the following components of the IAP in order to be eligible for registration:


Intern architects are required to obtain a minimum of 3720 hours of work experience, documented on the Canadian Experience Record Book (CERB) form in accordance with the IAP Manual and Appendix B.



Currently, the AIBC accepts two examination methods to fulfill the examination requirement of the IAP.  Intern Architects can choose between one of the following options:


Mandatory Professional Development Courses

During the course of their internship, intern architects in B.C. are required to take a minimum of six one-day professional development seminars on a variety of topics pertaining to architectural practice in British Columbia. This includes four mandatory courses and a minimum of two courses from four electives.  Each professional development course is offered two to four times per year at the AIBC offices.


Oral Review

Successful completion of an oral review is required of every intern architect prior to registration in BC.


More information on program guidelines and restrictions is available in both the AIBC’s Internship in Architecture Program Manual and Appendix B: Specific Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities (CALA) Requirements.