Before You Apply

To join the IAP, a potential Intern Architect must have:

  • An accredited/certified professional degree in Architecture and;
  • An identified mentor.

Note that employment is not a mandatory entry requirement to apply to the Internship in Architecture program although it will be necessary to complete the program requirements.

1)      Professional Degree

Individuals wishing to pursue a career in architecture obtain acceptable architectural education by enrolling in:

The Canadian Architectural Certification Board, or CACB, is an independent body that both accredits professional architectural degrees offered by Canadian schools of architecture, and certifies the educational qualifications of applicants with degrees from schools of architecture outside Canada or the U.S.A. If you hold a degree from outside of Canada or the U.S.A., you may be eligible for CACB certification. This is determined through an individual application to the CACB Additional information including application forms can be accessed via the CACB web site at  Any questions relating to the accreditation of your education and certificate requirements should be directed to the CACB:


2)      Mentor

A mentor must be selected and confirmed as a part of the application process.  A mentor is a architect or a retired architect registered in British Columbia who is not employed at the intern architect’s own place of employment and who acts as an independent guide/advocate for the intern architect.  The intern architect meets the mentor for regular reviews of experience progress, discussion of career objectives and broader issues related to the profession.


Please review the Supervising Architect and Mentor Guidelines document for more information about these important supporting roles during an intern’s progress in the IAP.



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