Changes Summary 2012


Summary of Changes

  • The minimum requirement of experience hours has been reduced from 5600 (three full-time years) to 3720 (two years).
  • The requirements for Related Activity Hours (Category D, 80 hours) and Discretionary Hours (Category E, 1880 hours) have been eliminated.
  • Supplementary education can no longer be logged in the Canadian Experience Record Book (CERB)
  • Architecture Canada│RAIC Syllabus students may log supervised/mentored experience after enrolling in Part II of the Syllabus (please see Appendix B for details).
  • Experience hours can only be logged while the individual is enrolled in the Intern Architect Program (IAP).
  • Experience hours gained by a student while attending a school of architecture prior to graduation will no longer be accepted.
  • Experience reporting timelines have changed.  When working full time, work experience must be reported no later than eight months from the date of the first (i.e. oldest) hours being claimed.

For more details, refer to the IAP Manual and Appendix B.