1. Employment

Employment in an architectural firm is not mandatory to enroll in the program. However, employment will be required to progress through the work experience requirements of the IAP.  More information about suitable employment scenarios can be found in the Intern Architect Program Manual.

Prior to accepting employment, it is the intern architect’s responsibility to ascertain that the employment will provide the required scope of experience, and that the experience situation will meet the approval of the AIBC.  Intern architects seeking employment are encouraged to monitor the Job Opportunities listing on the AIBC web site.  You can also research architectural firms by viewing member firm profiles and web sites available through the AIBC’s searchable online directory.

If during the course of the IAP you need to change your employer, please notify the AIBC and submit a new letter of confirmation.

Prospective employers seeking additional information regarding their potential participation in the IAP can review the AIBC’s Supervising Architect and Mentor Guidelines.


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