6. Oral Reviews

Successful completion of an oral review is required of every intern architect prior to registration. Intern architects who have completed and submitted at least 2800 hours of the work experience requirements, along with all of the required professional development courses, are eligible for the oral review.

The oral review is an interview with a panel of registered architects who assess the intern architect’s overall understanding of the profession and her/his responsibilities and obligations as a professional.  The interview panel will pose questions to determine the currency of the intern architect’s experience and knowledge as well as competence to practice in British Columbia.

Application Process

Oral review rounds are offered at least three times per year. Applications for each round of reviews will only be accepted between the posted open and close dates. The same application form is valid for all rounds of oral reviews. After the application closing date, AIBC staff will contact you to confirm your eligibility and scheduled oral review date, along with further information.

Before the opening of each application round, announcements will be distributed through email notices. Should there be changes to the dates listed below, we will provide notice as early as possible.

While the AIBC strives to schedule all received applicants in each round, we may not be able to accommodate every applicant due to limited space. If applications exceed available oral review panels, candidates will be prioritized based on their level of program completion. Additional dates may also be added.

All applications must include the following items for submission:

  • Oral review application form
  • Oral review letter from the Supervising Architect of your selected project, outlining your role
  • Oral review fee
  • A photo ID form (only if you have not submitted one within the last 5 years). This form would have been submitted by interns or BEA applicants during the initial application process for program entry.

Please review the current oral review application form for more details. Applications can be submitted by email (preferred) or directed to the AIBC office.

Oral Review Workshop

The AIBC hosts a free Oral Review Preparation Workshop prior to each round of Oral Reviews. Attendance is highly recommended for all Intern Architects and Broadly Experienced Applicant (BEA) candidates. Mentors of Intern Architects are also welcome. As spaces are limited, please RSVP in advance to reserve your seat.

2019 Oral Review Schedule

 Winter Oral Review Dates:  March 7;  March 11;  March 12

Spring Oral Review Dates:  June 19;  June 25;  June 26

Fall Oral Review Dates:  September 18;  September 19;  September 24

2019 Oral Review Schedule (PDF)

Oral Review Reference Documents

The following documents are important resources that all candidates for the Oral Review should read and understand. The Bulletin 15, information documents, and the Examples of Questions have been updated as of May 2017 and supersede previous versions.