3. Work Experience

The AIBC requires a minimum 3720 hours of recorded architectural experience which must be gained in specified areas of architectural practice while under the personal supervision and direction of an architect registered in B.C. or a reciprocal jurisdiction. At least 940 hours (six months) of the work experience hours must be gained while an intern in British Columbia, working on British Columbia projects.

All experience must be submitted on the Canadian Experience Record Book (CERB).  Please read carefully the CERB instructions prior to completion and submission.

Also, please ensure you, the intern architect, have signed the intern declaration and that your employer and mentor have both completed and signed their comment and declaration forms.  Your employer must also sign each page of the submission.

All CERB forms are accepted in hard copy, by fax or via e-mail. CERB submissions take between two and four months to process.  Upon approval of the submitted CERB, a Periodic Assessment form showing the logged hours and any completed courses and/or exams will be returned to you via mail.  If there are late fees due as a result of a late CERB submission, an invoice and letter explaining the fees will be included along with the Periodic Assessment form.

Work experience should be submitted regularly.  As of January 1, 2013, all experience submitted must be gained while a registered Intern Architect.  While employed full time, work experience must be reported no later than eight months from the date of the first (i.e. oldest) hours being claimed (see graph).


If you are working part-time, the deadline is extended such that work experience must be reported no later than 12 months from the date of the first (i.e. oldest) hours being claimed.

If you fail to report your work experience within the deadline, a late fee will be applied and you will be required to supply additional evidence to support your claim. You may still report, with restrictions, until:

  • Twelve months from the date of the first (i.e. oldest) full-time hours; or
  • Eighteen months from the date of the first (i.e. oldest) part-time hours.


For more information on experience requirements and submission guidelines, please refer to the IAP Manual and Appendix B, or contact the AIBC.

> Visit the ‘Documents’ section of the website to download all relevant documents.

Note: The Architects Act requires that a person must obtain three years of work experience before being eligible for registration as an architect.  However, in most cases this is not an issue as it often takes at least three years to gain and log the work experience necessary in each of the required Canadian Experience Record Book (CERB) categories. If an intern architect completes all of the requirements for registration in less than the three years required under the act, she or he must remain registered as an intern architect and would be eligible to apply for registration as an architect after being an intern architect for three calendar years.


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